Malek Andary


Malek Andary is one of the known Dabkeh Dancer/Teacher and Choreographer in Lebanon. He is a Leading professional member  in the International Dance Council (CID)/ Unesco-Paris also certified by CID to give international certificate in Lebanese Dabkeh in 170 countries.

Malek started dancing and teaching from a young age. He worked with the most famous Lebanese theatrical groups and International Festivals.
He created several pieces such as his colaborations with the musicians of legendary Rahbany's family and choreographies for Baalbek and Byblos international festivals. working with International Artists like: Xavier Le Roy, Lotfi bouchnak , Jamal Aboul Hosn,...
He was the first who danced Dabkeh as Solo Dance Theater in 2005 (“Shi Byishbah El Folklore” )  and Woman Below The Line with Ziad Ahmadieh, Aida Sabra and Marhabtain Group 2015 working on the traditional and modern dabkeh, creating a new vision in the Lebanese dance theater. One of the founders of Marhabtain Organization in 2013 that aims to spread Lebanese Culture and Dabkeh around the world in both Academic and Artistic levels.