Philippe Tohme

Audio engineer and music producer

Philippe is a renowned audio engineer and music producer in Lebanon and
the region.

He has worked on notable albums for very known artists and stars.
His technical expertise covers the entire professional audio chain from
live concerts to studio recording, to broadcast system design and

His Music industry expertise ranges from songwriting and arrangement, to
studio production and band management.

He is joining Opera-Lebanon as Head of audio engineering.

" He has worked on notable albums like: Feyrouz - Ila Assi, Joseph Sakr -
Bima Enno, Toufic Farroukh - Ali On Broadway and Drabzeen, Marcel Khalife
- Summer Night's Dream, Caracalla Dance Theater - 1996 to 2002, Tania
Saleh - 1st Album and Wehde, MusicHall - Live at MusicHall albums Chehade
Bros. and Bilal The Gypsy Prince and The Yugoslave Brass Band, Future TV -
SuperStar S1, S2, S3, CokeStudio Season 1, Bilal Zein and Jad Nakhle -
Lebnan El Helou, and many others.