Antar & Abla

First act:
Antar and Abla belong to the Arabian Desert Tribe of Bani Abs; they fall in love in the midst of clan conflicts, in particular between the tribes of Abs and Tay.

Antar is a black slave; his mother is Ethiopian and his father Bin Shaddad is a notable member in the Tribe of Bani Abs. Abla is a white-skinned free woman, daughter of Malek, brother of Shaddad.

Antar’s black complexion prevented his father from acknowledging his paternity and prohibited him from marrying his beloved Abla.

Antar became the most famous poet and knight of Abs’ tribe owing to his romantic poetry and his proven great courage in the battles between the conflicting tribes.


Second act:

After being exiled in the south, Antar returns to defend his tribe against a ruthless giant from the tribe of Tay. Both knights engaged in a violent fight where Antar triumphed; thus putting an end to a longlasting war between both tribes. He freed his beloved Abla from the grip of the giant, by means of a trick that was designed by his brother Sheybub and Abla’s wet nurse to encourage Antar to return to

his homeland and defend his family and save his honor.

Peace prevailed in Abla's homeland and the discrimination based on color and race ceased to exist among the leaders of the Tribe of Abs. Thus, black-skinned Antar and white-skinned Abla revealed their endless love. Peace, prosperity and love spread through the Arab world.

Maroun Rahi
Antoine Maalouf